Waiting for the River - Project based on anticipation of a river, allowing people to view the landscape before and during it’s revision which will be determined by the river’s flow.

I love projects like this. The expectation and uncertainty of temporary architecture allows for a certain kind of boldness in creativity that actually works to combine great ideas into a form instead of a form seeming creative because of it’s break from “conformity” is seen as unique by the populous (Ghery, Hadid, etc). I’m not saying all architecture has to have great concepts behind it. We can (and do) accept bold aesthetic choices in building—from the shape to it’s material (not that it’s always to our benefit, of course, in any circumstance. experimentation is what it is).

From conversations I’ve had with a friend about the Appalachian Trail, I feel that thru-hikers could benefit from structures such as this while hiking. There are lean-to’s and various shelters built on the trail. What if they were remade by architects in the same way a temporary structure like this was built? Something to experience at each site, perhaps not built for a change in landscape but built to change over time as hikers come and go, while also providing much needed shelter and a place to hunker down while on an intense journey.

(via BLDGBLOG: Waiting for the River)

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