Plaid on plaid on plaid (my first Paper sketch) -me

Made With Paper


Colle Croce - MM house, Buenos Aires 2012. Photos (C) Gustavo Sosa Pinilla.

There’s something amazingly unique about argentine architecture. I almost always recognize when something was built there. I love these types of homes. So much viewpoint variety and integration of green space into the home combined with a modular look and layering.

(via tylerhopf)


Nickisch Sano Walder - Lieptgas refuge, Flims 2013. Via, photos (C) Gaudenz Danuser.

I’m on an architecture streak and it’s just giving me some much needed inspiration and internal joy at cracking my notebook, sketching, printing photos I’ve taken and collaging away…


Atelier FCJZ - Vertical glass house, designed in 1991 as part of a competition in Japan Architect magazine, and built in Shanghai in 2013. Via.

I just keep thinking “flesh refraction and emotional reflections” nothing is hidden, yet everything is still sacred.


Take the Metro

Some map pr0n to liven your day.



A favorite

Mace Snagging Test. This is a 100% ASTM approved machine to determine is fabric will snag. I love testing people.


RCR Arquitectes - Les Cols pavilion, Olot 2005. Photos (C) Hisao Suzuki.

Layers upon layers of glass yielding that hazy blue-green glow surrounding and welcoming you. Saw this featured in 2005 in a magazine (maybe Metropolis?) and smiled. Always happy to see things come round thru media.


Meet Telephonegram, featured at The Mobile Movement at #sxsw

This is my buddy Dave and his project at sxsw. Yay! (ps - I still like the original name of this project better)


The New Yorker



In stitches, Michelle Hamer

Cross stitch roadside attraction with a blunt appeal.