The Distinguished Drinkeries of New York City

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"The caricature of a commute" (Q Train)

Made With Paper and my index finger

Drop dead :: adjective ::

Eric Calderon, Typographic Sphere, Artists Book, 2012. “Inspired by the arts and craft movement as well as the Bauhaus functionalism, I created my own kind of art tool.”

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Totoro and knitting. Yes, when I’m sick, I cuddle with a stuffed animal. #totoro #knitting #madelinetosh #stephenlovestosh #bktweed #boardwalk


Tensegrity Space frame Light by Michal Maciej Bartosik

Comprised of a four strut lamp module whose geometry is the derivative of a cube.

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Made With Paper

Plaid on plaid on plaid (my first Paper sketch) -me

Made With Paper


Colle Croce - MM house, Buenos Aires 2012. Photos (C) Gustavo Sosa Pinilla.

There’s something amazingly unique about argentine architecture. I almost always recognize when something was built there. I love these types of homes. So much viewpoint variety and integration of green space into the home combined with a modular look and layering.

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Nickisch Sano Walder - Lieptgas refuge, Flims 2013. Via, photos (C) Gaudenz Danuser.

I’m on an architecture streak and it’s just giving me some much needed inspiration and internal joy at cracking my notebook, sketching, printing photos I’ve taken and collaging away…